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Is property investing a wager in the economics of now or does the media love doom n gloom stories? Take a look at.  If you see it on tv or read it in the newspaper or a magazine, it seems like the media has decided the housing market is in the preliminary phases of a swoon and the property bubble has burst. Say a great deal. When you look at the numbers, they appear to back the opinion of the economists. The median home price throughout the country has dropped just 1.7 percent in the year 2006.

That statistic does not indicate a bust in the housing marketplace. They way property values have been growing over the last decade, that figure is much more of a bump in the road than a substantial disaster. Home owners are still regardless of the decrease in house prices this year, they experienced. According to economists, America’s housing market is undergoing a price correction that’s needed after five years of record breaking sales and double digit appreciation. It is really more of an affirmation of the soundness of the demand and supply economics compared to the catastrophe. These Federal Reserve’s vice chairman.

L.Kohn, recently told a group of NY analysts that the Fed expects the latest housing correction to be far less dramatic than the media would believe and that, and that these correction will be relatively short lived.  Interestingly, the speech of Kohn received barely any mainstream media coverage. Kohn told his audience that these present downturn might actually be good for the economics As a whole, since it represents a chance for America’s supply in addition to demand system to rebalance in areas which have seen dramatic increases over the past few years, allowing buyers who could have been priced out of their desired neighbourhoods to begin looking for homes again.

There are a population that is growing and different things that can spur a marketplace recovery, such as these number of new households being formed. Kohn believes that the turnaround should begin soon. Statistics from the National Association of Realtors also would appear to back up the optimism of Kohn. The same optimism of Kohn can be encouraged by these fact that long term mortgage rates are around a percentage point over historical lows.

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